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External / Outdoor Signage In Sharjah

Are your finding outdoor signage? At Power Sign, we provide quality outdoor signage in Sharjah. We have best external signage options that are provided to corporate and all categories of businesses. Our team has acquired expertise in creating outdoor signage and we are experienced in meeting customized signage creation requirements of our clients.

Reach us and we will provide you best external signage services in Sharjah…

Our high standard external signage can bring in distinct recognition for your businesses and cast you apart from the crowd of competitors.

Outdoor Advertising Sign Board Services in UAE

At Power Sign, we understand the significance digital sign board outdoors. Thus, we focus on providing the best business image for our clients. We distinguish your workplace in the streetscape and fix, unique electronic sign boards at the outdoor casting your business space apart from the clutter of older, commercial boards. We provide excelling types of signboards such as outdoor LED signboards that will improve the exterior appeal of your businesses.

Our team of experts manage the entire production process of outdoor advertising signboards, provide innovative options such as outdoor LED sign boards. Now, we have the mission of transforming your outdoor signs and providing you digital sign boards outdoor.

Sharjah’s Outdoor Sign Board Services Include

back light flex sign

An ideal choice of outdoor signs, back light flex signs are attractive as they have lights flooding in the back illuminating the signboard. These signs can be used widely for a variety of businesses. At Power Sign, we provide you such high transmittance banners.

Back Light Flex Roof Top Sign

This is a widely used sign board that has a broader box frame with high resolution printed vinyl. It is fitted with LED lights that facilitates clear visibility of the business name in the dark hours. You will find this type of sign board ideal for shops, stores, showrooms, spas, parlour and clinics.

Front Light Banner

Front light banners are popular outdoor advertisements as they are weather resistant. In this type of banners, the light points in the front of the banner.

Backlight Hording sign

Backlight hoarding signs are widely used for advertising. The lighting types used is usually LED. The lighting is provided from the back of the hoarding. This type of hoarding is affordable and has great visibility at night.

Front Light Hording Sign

Find front light hording signs in Sharjah

at best price. The LED signboards are among the best hoardings that are used for advertising.

Lamp Post Sign

We provide bundles of lamp post signs. Get custom-sized lamp post signs with drilled holes to allow easy and quick fixing.

Out Door Slim Sign Display

Outdoor slim sign displays are light in weight and reduces the strain on the holder. You can find slim unit case design. This kind of outdoor display is most ideal for stadiums and public displays.

Uni Pool

Uni pool or better known as Unipole sign is a large-format billboard fixed high on a tall pole.It has great visibility and can be even seen from long distance. There are two options for illumination – light box or front-lit.


Flag signboards are rectangular or circular signboards mounted up on the exterior of business or non-businesses presenting the name of the venture. Flag signs may carry symbols ore logos and are wall mount.

Wall Murals

Wall murals are large digital images from photos or illustrations showing bigger patterns than wallpapers. Walls murals stand out and fit in the decor of the room. Reach us and we will provide you excelling wall murals.

Fence Graphics

Fence Graphics are custom graphics outdoors on mesh or vinyl material displaying business or information to the crowd. Vibrant fence graphics have wide application and are found in stadiums; they provide high visibility on your businesses while graphics are displayed vividly on the fences, to call attention to brands.

Construction Stand

These outdoor signs are widely used at construction sites. For quality outdoor construction stands, reach us at Power Sign and we will meet your requirements adeptly.

Traffic & Safety Signs: Choose the Right Outdoor Signage Design

Traffic and safety signs are pictorial signs rooted at road sides to inform road users. These signs increase road safety and help prevent violation of road traffic rules. If you require outdoor road safety traffic sign boards, reach us at Power Sign. We offer quality traffic signage in Sharjah and Dubai and confirm safety.

Outdoor Signage Company in UAE

Power Sign is a leading outdoor signage company in Sharjah.As top outdoor signage manufacturer in Sharjah, we provide an entire range of outdoor signage and you can explore our services. Plan the perfect external signage ideal for you or consult us freely. We are among the reputed outdoor signature company in Sharjah alike.

For excelling outdoor signage, Power Sign is your deemed brand!

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