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Lo and behold Powersign, where exceptional 3D letter signage meets the competition of Dubai. As a leading provider in the sign industry since 2007, we have continuously grown in experience and popularity, delivering outstanding 3D sign boards in Dubai.

The expertise we have over the regional market of UAE makes us qualified to manage all facets of your marketing strategies and signage requirements. We want your 3D Sign boards to stand out and that is what we do with every work we take on. Powersign won’t let you down on your signage needs.

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Types Of 3D Signages in Dubai: Lots of Options for Your Choice

Diverse range of signage options for you at Powersign. There is one for everyone! To be fitted and carved according to your customizations and branding. Let’s explore some of the most popular types of 3D sign boards in Dubai we have:

3D Front Illuminated Letter Signage

With the usage of LED lights, these 3D sign boards in Dubai are the perfect signage to be hung up especially in the night background while ensuring maximum visibility from a distance. The naming or message will be shone brightly thus creating a striking visual extravaganza as these raised letters create a stunning three-dimensional effect.

3D Back Illuminated Letter Signage

We offer a great alternative if you’re searching for a less obvious but still impactful sign board – 3D illuminated Letter Signage. In this type of 3D signage in Dubai, the letters are illuminated from behind by LED lights, thereby giving them a refined appearance. Our back lighted signs are made of materials that are sturdy and long-lasting, making them appropriate for use in both indoor and outdoor settings.

3D Non-Illuminated Signage

If you don’t want a lighted display thus looking to go for the classic style of signage, we also have those for you. Our non-illuminated signage is the ideal option for those looking for a traditional and timeless aesthetic. These signs are made from durable materials including metal, plastic, or wood and can be painted or coated to your preferred finish. Non-illuminated signage still makes a significant impression, even though they may not be as visible as illuminated options, especially in well-lit indoor areas.

3D Stainless Steel Signage

Durability is a huge factor in consideration when it comes to choosing a sign board. Our 3D stainless steel signage at Powersign is a great option if you want something with a little bit of class as well as endurance. These signage types are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel to survive the worst outdoor conditions. Our stainless steel signage enables adaptability while bringing a sleek and contemporary style to any venue. They are customizable to your ideas in size, shape, and color.

3D Aluminum Coated Sign Boards

Lightweight and durability, if that is the combination you are in search of,  3D aluminum coated sign boards are the perfect fit. Crafted from aluminum and coated with a protective finish, these signs offer exceptional longevity as well as being easily portable for your convenience. Customizable in size, shape, and color, these 3D sign boards in Dubai are versatile and can be tailored to your necessities.

Acrylic Sign Board

Simplicity along with portability that’s what Acrylic signage offers. These 3D signage in Dubai are made of transparent acrylic, and are best used indoors where there is sufficient illumination. Powersign can completely customize these acrylic sign boards according to any size scale and layout, giving your business countless creative options.

3D Brass Signage

Brass signs are an excellent pick if you want to add a little of class and timeless elegance. Any establishment gains a regal charm from the warm, orange tone of the signage. These signs, which are made of sturdy brass, can either have a matte or highly polished finish. 3D brass signage, which is frequently used for indoor applications, gives a touch of grace and glory and makes a powerful initial impact on your clients.


Gold Plated

Use gold-plated 3D signage to take your brand to new levels of luxury. These lavish exhibits radiate exclusivity and classiness, making an impression on everyone and anyone who observes them. Our gold-plated signage is the right choice if you want to convey luxury. These signs have a thin coating of gold added to the metal’s surface, exuding wealthy status and royalty, the exact charm of Dubai. Our gold-plated signage is perfect for high-end applications and is crafted to catch the eye of picky customers.

Antique Finish

Project the essence of nostalgia with antique finish signages. They offer a vintage appeal that blends seamlessly with rich cultural tapestry. To add a touch of old charisma, our antique finish signage is the way to go. Our antique finish signs, which can be made of wood, metal, or plastic, evoke the spirit of the past and have a distinctive appearance. These 3D Signage are ideal for businesses looking to create a welcoming atmosphere since they will appeal to your target market.

Chrome Finished

Chrome-finished signage that is stylish and contemporary makes a strong visual statement. They give any business a modern flair and help your brand stand out from competitors. Our chrome polished signage is an optimal choice for a streamlined  appearance. This kind of signage radiates modern elitism due to its shining, reflective surface. Our chrome polished signs, which come in a variety of materials like metal and plastic, are ideal for companies looking to create a resilient statement.

3D Neon Letter Sign Board

neon signage in dubai

Neon signages are synonymous with vibrancy and creativity. They give your brand a lively, playful vibe that is difficult to resist. These signs provide a striking visual effect that is tough to miss using electrified neon lights. Our neon letter sign boards can be a charming addition to your personal space or your company area. These 3D letter signage in Dubai can be customized with various colors, fonts as well as your choice of design.


Wooden Letter Signage

Planning on choosing a sign board that brings out the mother nature vibes? Well then, look no further than these 3D wooden letter signage in Dubai offered at Powersign. They bring warmth, comfort and some character to your brand, creating a welcoming environment. If you appreciate the beauty of natural materials, our wooden letter signage provides an organic aesthetic. Crafted from sustainable wood, these signs can be fully customized to match your brand’s unique style. Whether you desire a classic look or a contemporary design, our wooden letter signage adds a touch of authenticity to your space.

3D Roof Top Signage (Push Through Letter)

Rooftop is a good place to place your 3D sign boards. The placing on the heightened positions will allow maximum visibility from afar. The push-through 3D letter signage in Dubai contains the dimensional effect, ensuring that your brand or message reaches far and wide. These signage has letters pushed through a metal frame and illuminated from behind. Designed to withstand the elements, our roof-top 3D signage in Dubai makes sure that your brand remains prominently displayed, even from a distance.

Lighting up Dubai with Stunning 3D Signage Displays

Dubai, a bustling hub of business and booming innovation, is adorned with many signage displays found throughout its urban land. From diverse stores to sprawling shopping centers and famous architectural wonders, sign boards are present literally everywhere. 

However, it is the impact of 3D signages in Dubai that has transformed its city confines. These captivating and three dimensional sign boards boldly project their presence, making brand labels and advertising awe-inspiring visual spectacle.

These are the sectors we serve

Shopping Malls

Malls are the centers of 3D Signages in Dubai. In these busy shopping malls, the majority of stores favor projected lettering and dimensional sign boards to enhance customer engagement. Whether you’re strolling through the entryway or navigating different floors for your items, you’ll pass plenty of 3D signboards in Dubai. With the blend of vibrant lights and captivating shapes, these signages create an enchanting ambiance that convinces customers to explore their surroundings and indulge in the offers of each store

Hotels and Resorts

From the moment you step through the entrance, to the lavish lobby and even the room numbers, the prominence of 3D signs in Dubai is impossible to overlook. In fact, when it comes to the hospitality sector, hotels and resorts mostly use 3D signage as a symbol of their esteemed brand names, reflecting the luxurious nature of these establishments. These signs seamlessly integrate into the guest experience, becoming an indispensable element that leaves an unforgettable impression of luxury and grandeur.

Restaurants and Cafes

Elevate the dining experience for food enthusiasts and craft appetizing settings for your culinary establishments with our 3D sign boards in Dubai. Whether you own a beloved classic diner or a 24/7 fast food joint, our sign boards can be customized to suit your eatery perfectly. By combining your tasty offerings with our top-of-the-line signage in Dubai, you can effortlessly attract food lovers and create an ambiance that sets the stage for a truly memorable dining experience.

Retail Stores

Sign boards serve as the persuasive sales force for countless retail stores, enticing customers to step inside. These 3D signage in Dubai are designated a position at the storefront, window displays, and even within the store itself, showing off the brand, products, and services. They beckon shoppers, appeal to them with exciting discoveries, sparking their curiosity and driving them towards a space of great offers and discounts.


Many office buildings showcase advanced 3D signages that embody professionalism and corporate identity of the businesses operating within. These 3D signages in Dubai perform as beacons, ensuring that visitors can easily locate the building while simultaneously instilling a sense of status and credibility. 

Exhibition Centers

Dubai has a known reputation as the host of several global expos and grand exhibitions, where modern advancements across diverse industries are unveiled.  3D signages emerged as  elements with attention-grabbing displays that captivated attendees. The inherent versatility and dynamic nature of these signages empower exhibitors to effectively convey their brand message and carve out a presence in the face of fierce competition. 

Outdoor Advertaising

The potential of 3D signages in Dubai is fully employed to generate engaging advertising campaigns. From towering billboards to expansive building wraps, these signages make a resounding impact by seizing the attention of pedestrians and etching a lasting memory. From major buildings, parking lots to empty spaces, they all have become a canvas for the creative expression and persuasive power of 3D outdoor signages, elevating the city’s advertising methods.

Event Venues

Whether it’s an electrifying concert, an international trade show, or an outdoor corporate event, 3D signages become the highlight enhancing the venue into a captivating backdrop. With their eye-catching designs and captivating presence, they establish an immersive environment with brand names and logos displayed with absolute depth and dimension. 

Transportation Hub

Dubai’s transport hubs, such as airports and metro stations, are great locations for leveraging the capabilities of 3D signage for effective passenger navigation and information distribution. Whether it’s directional signs pointing the way or brand displays catching the eye, these signages serve an important part in supporting seamless navigation while proudly displaying the modern signage infrastructure. 

Trust Powersign for Exceptional 3D Signs

When it comes to crafting remarkable 3D signages in Dubai, Powersign proudly showcases its creative versatility as the leading sign board makers. Choose us as your reliable partner for top-notch signage that delivers outstanding results. 

With Powersign, you can captivate attention and drive customer conversion using the best 3D signage in Sharjah . Invite observers and keep their curiosity alive with 3D dimensional depth and density.

Trust us as your go-to signage company in Dubai. Now if all this didn’t convince you, you can reach out to us and let us do the rest. Contact Powersign today to discuss your 3D signage needs. Call –  +971 50 744 0650 or email:  sales@powersign.ae to discover how our expertise can transform your brand’s presence in Dubai.

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